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Anatomy of a Perfect Business April Fool’s Joke

Who doesn’t love April 1st?

The perfect April Fool’s joke needs to do two things:
1. Be Funny and/or Clever
2. Highlight Why You Are Awesome

Seth Godin’s April Fool’s post today about Tuber was awesome.

I’m definitely a big Seth Godin fan. My three year old asked me once if I’ve ever seen a blue monster with three ears and no eyes. When I said no, he said he’d draw me one and started laughing. It was the best joke ever. Whenever I turn the tables, I always ask him if he’s seen a purple cow.

We did an April’s Fool’s joke on $5 Meal Plan – we just sent out this “kid-friendly” plan.

Why is this funny or clever? Other than the obvious that it’s chicken nuggets and a bellini, it’s also about as unexpected as you can be on 4/1. We frame it as a kid-friendly plan, which is something lots of people have asked for, and it actually is kid-friend. It’s chicken nuggets, can’t really get more kid friendly than that.

How does this highlight why we are awesome? We use humor in a lot of what we do in our service, we try to make the service as entertaining as possible. We put food trivia in our emails, we tell jokes, and we otherwise try to make each email delightful. You look forward to the email for the trivia and jokes as well as the plan.

In addition to showing you we have a sense of humor, it shows you what a plan looks like. You can see we use icons to identify recipes, our directions are easy to understand, and the plan is simple to execute.

My personal favorite from this year, CERN researchers confirm the existence of the Force. My favorite result from an April Fool’s Joke is this one from Tesla.

So, what did you do for April Fools’ this year?

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In 2005, I founded a personal finance blog ( that became successful enough that I quit my career as a software developer in the defense industry. It is my goal to share everything I learned so that you can do the same - build an online business that let's you pursue your passion.

3 responses to “Anatomy of a Perfect Business April Fool’s Joke”

  1. Fred says:

    I decided not to do an April Fool’s joke this year, partially related to the issue that Tesla had affecting the stock price. Since I write an investment blog, I wanted to avoid that issue. I had an April 1 joke last year about my blog getting bought out for hundreds of millions of dollars, and got some flack from it.

  2. Fred says:

    Actually, after I posted that joke last year, many believed it and I got people asking me for loans, and even requests for payments from me for “all the advice they gave over the years about the blog.” So I had to explain it was a joke and finally removed the joke post.

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