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How to Auto-Tweet Posts from an RSS Feed and Tag Someone

There used to be a ton of auto-tweet services that would let you tweet out your friends’ RSS feeds for free. One by one, they died.

In looking for a new solution, I stumbled upon this hacky way of doing it. Basically, you go to IFTTT to watch an RSS feed and then submit it to your Buffer queue. Buffer than automatically tweets from your queue.

Why is Buffer necessary when IFTTT can autotweet something?

Twitter’s TOS states that you can’t use an autotweeting tool and tag people at the same time. I want to tag people, so this is the solution.

  1. Get the RSS feed you want to auto-tweet.
  2. Make sure you have a Buffer account, the free one is fine.
  3. Go to and link up your Buffer account.
  4. Go to create a new Applet.
  5. Select a trigger (THIS) from the Feed category, New feed item.
  6. Select an action service of Buffer, Add to Buffer
  7. I like to add something like “New post” to the front and then tag the original author.
  8. Done!

If you want something to auto-tweet, might I suggest this feed:

I’m @wallethacks on Twitter too.


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One response to “How to Auto-Tweet Posts from an RSS Feed and Tag Someone”

  1. this is thought provoking. I already knew that buffer can do it but never knew that tagging someone is also possible. Going to use ifttt today.
    I think that can improve my twitter profile reach.

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