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A business without customers is not a business, it’s a hobby. A blog without readers is not a blog, it’s a journal. If you want to build up a readership, the articles in this category will help you find the fans that are searching for you and help you connect with them on a deeper level.


Do You Know About Dunbar’s Number?

Credit: anieto2k

Credit: anieto2k

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

How many connections do you have on LinkedIn?

To find out how many friends you have on Facebook, click on your profile in the top left and it’ll say how many friends you have in gray text next to the friend tab.

For LinkedIn, go to your profile and look in the right side bar. It’s under YOUR LINKEDIN NETWORK.

How many of those people do you have a close relationship with?

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Should You Use Full or Partial RSS Feeds?

Credit: BruceTurner

Credit: BruceTurner

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a technology that’s been around for a very long time. It’s what powers Feedburner and other email subscription services, delivering blog posts into email boxes and RSS readers on a daily basis. One of the big debates, especially early on in a blog’s life, is whether you should be using full feeds, where entire blog posts appears in the RSS feed, or partial feeds, where only a teaser appears in the RSS feed.

In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both, what my preference is, and how I set it up so that you can do both.

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How to Set Up a Feedburner or Aweber Email Subscriber List

Credit: gajman

Credit: gajman

Years ago, you could build a popular blog relying entirely on traffic from search engines. These days, that’s a mistake. With how often their algorithms change, you really need to build something with a dedicated readership you can reach on a consistent and regular basis. Social media is a good mechanism for that except relying solely on social media creates a similar problem – your site is reliant on someone else.

Even today, your Facebook status updates do not reach every one of your site’s friends (or Fan Page likes). It’s often a very small subset (unless you pay). The Bargaineering Fan Page has around 2,300 likes and a post is seen by anywhere from 300-500 people. If you pay (boost it), you can get more.

The only mechanism that gives you 100% access to your fans is an email list. Today, we’ll explain how to set one up. When we’re done, you will know two ways to set up an email list so that your readers can get your posts hand-delivered (well, computer hand-delivered!) into their email inbox.

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7 Fail-Safe Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

starry-night-chat-bubblesWhen it comes to social proof and trust signals, one of the most effective ways to make your site appear more credible is to showcase a vibrant community. There are several ways to do this but the most effective way is through comments. A blog with a lot of comments is a blog with an active and engaged community.

You could make the case that this is superficial. There are plenty of great blogs that don’t get a ton of comments. There are plenty of terrible blogs that have a torrent of comments. You would be right on both counts and I’m not arguing that a lot of comments means that you have a great blog but that’s what people believe and it becomes a part of their instant assessment of your site. More comments means more readers which means you’re more popular. And popular is always good.

So, how do you get more comments?

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Your Take: What Do You Think of Disqus?

disqus-cancelledThose of you who have been on the site since the beginning might have noticed a change recently – we stopped using Disqus as our commenting platform. It was hard to come to the decision but I felt it was for the best. It felt like breaking up, even though no one at Disqus even knew we were going out in the first place.

Disqus is beautiful. It has great features. It murders spam and even the false positives are borderline. I love it.

But commenters apparently don’t.

And that’s trumps all of my reasons.

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