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Social media may be a relatively new phenomenon but its underpinnings are not – human beings are social creatures and our relationships help define who we are. Social media simply makes it easier to connect with a lot of people quickly. The posts in this category discuss how you can use social media to improve your business.


How to Force Facebook to Show Image Previews

facebook-homepageOnce every few weeks, when I try to post a link to Microblogger’s Facebook page, something messes up. No matter what I do, it refuses to show any of the Open Graph information I know is being set on Microblogger.

No image, no preview, nothing. Just the sad URL as the title and nothing else.

If I decide to go back later and try it again, no luck. Still the sad URL as the title and nothing else.

Fortunately, I’ve found a fix.

I don’t know the underlying reason for why Facebook chokes sometimes, it probably has to do with the responsiveness of Microblogger the moment they try to load up the Open Graph data, but the reason why it persists, even after the site loads up fine, is because Facebook caches that information.

To get it to fetch the page again, you need to override that cache and you do it using their debug tool.

Load up and type your URL into the field, then click Debug.

It will fetch information from your URL, which also refreshes their cache. If Facebook is having trouble loading up your page, which could be why the preview is broken, then it’ll tell you why on this page.

This should fix your problem!


Claim Your Google+ Vanity URL Now!

Credit: rick

Credit: rick

Last year, Google+ rolled out vanity URLs for big brands but it wasn’t available to regular folks like you or me. Today, they started rolling it out for regular people as long as they met a few small requirements.

This literally takes less than three minutes to do (if you meet the requirements) and you need to do it as soon as possible if you want to claim yours. With a name like Jim Wang, I was lucky to act fast enough to get it!

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One Blogger’s Novel Strategy for Self-Funding Giveaway Prizes

Credit: {C}hristina

Credit: {C}hristina

I’ve been friends with Matt Jabs for years when he was only running Debt Free Adventure, a personal finance blog. His newer and more popular site, DIY Natural, is doing incredibly well (you could say it’s killing it – an overused phrase but one that’s absolutely accurate here) and I’m not in the least bit surprised.

So, when he told me that he funded his own giveaways from the giveaway itself, my ears perked up.

He’d read my guide for running sweepstakes and wanted to share a strategy he used for using affiliate commissions to help pay for a giveaway. He didn’t need to turn to sponsors to pay for giveaway items and he didn’t need to reach into his own pocket. He’d fund it on commissions.

How did he do it?

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How to Run Giveaways and Sweepstakes for Fun & Profit

Credit: anieto2k

Credit: anieto2k

For a few months, I ran a small site called Giveaway Jungle that featured one giveaway a day worth at least $100. I started it because I wanted to discover how all of these mommy bloggers had extraordinary social media metrics. Blogs that seemed to have modest readership statistics, based entirely on comment counts and Compete metrics (both of which are not accurate measures), had 10,000-15,000 likes on their Facebook page. Some would have enormous Twitter followings and their Pinterest counts would be through the roof.

I was baffled.

How were they doing it?

How were these sites getting tens of thousands of likes on Facebook?

The answer: Giveaways and sweepstakes.

With just one $100 cash giveaway, Giveaway Jungle jumped to a thousand likes on Facebook, seven hundred followers on Twitter, and a thousand subscribers to the email newsletter. (current counts are slightly higher because I ran a second giveaway)

In this post, I discuss everything you need to run an effective giveaway that will boost your social media stats and email subscriber counts, whether you should be doing this, plus everything else I learned in running a handful of my own giveaways.

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