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If your business relies on writing, this category will help you become a better writer. Writing, and communicating as a whole, can be challenging and the only way to get better is through practice and hard work.


How to Overcome First Post Anxiety

red-editsA common problem many not-yet-bloggers face is something I call “first post anxiety.”

I was emailing with Iris, who was going through our Lifetime Income Blog course, and she emailed me this:

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but one of the only things holding me back is the dreaded “first entry”. I’m not sure how to start or what it should be about. Is it an ‘about me’ or should it go directly into what I’m blogging about to begin with? I know that once I get over that hump I should be fine but I guess I’m nervous to take the first step. Does this make any sense?

Does that sound like you?

You’re not alone, it’s very common. It stems from our concern over making a good first impression and of our fear of the unknown. You want the first thing that someone sees on your site to give them warm fuzzies and keep them coming back.

But not to worry, we can overcome this anxiety.

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