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What To Do If Facebook Won’t Load a Preview

Credit: melenita

Credit: melenita

We all know that sharing your content on social media, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or some other to be named network, is absolutely crucial. If you listened to Podcast Episode #28 with Taylor Flanery (she got 125,000 Facebook Fans in 2 months without paying a penny, her page is up to nearly 400,000 likes), you know how important all those fans are to her business.

One of her best pieces of advice for Facebook was to make and share a compelling image that included the title of your post and your blog’s URL. To do that, I recommend using a tool like Photoshop or Pic Monkey.

Today’s post solves a problem I run into from time to time.

When you share a post on Facebook, it’s supposed to pull in a prominent image, the title, as well as some introductory text. For whatever reason, it breaks sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t load anything and the Preview area looks broken.

How do you fix it?

Very easy, just go to the Facebook Developer debugger page and have it “debug” your page. (you can also search in Google for “facebook debug” and it’ll return the page first)

If all is well, this will reset your page within their cache. The next time you try to post the page, it’ll pull in the proper preview.

If all is not well, this page will tell you what’s wrong. If you put in a bad URL, it’ll return a 404 error and tell you that you need to fix the page. If there’s some other problem, like certain fields are missing or malformed, it’ll tell you and you can fix it.

That’s it – now Facebook will pull in the proper image, title, and introductory text. A quick little fix to a vexing problem.

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One response to “What To Do If Facebook Won’t Load a Preview”

  1. Chip Chinery says:

    I had the same annoying issue. My workaround was to get a short link for my post and then past that into Facebook. Works like a charm, assuming charms have FB pages.

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