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lifetime-income-blog-badgeI started working in the defense industry about ten years ago making a comfortable salary in an okay job. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t challenging, but it paid pretty well and I was content.

I was content but I wasn’t going to get rich. I wasn’t going to start my own business.

More importantly, I wasn’t going to choose my own destiny.

Some guy who was there five years longer than me was going to decide if I was worth promoting. He decided whether I got a 2% raise or a 3% raise or a 4% raise. I was a monkey in a funny hat dancing for my food.

Then I made one smart fateful choice: In 2005, I started a personal finance blog to help me learn about managing money.

Three years later, I was making six figures a year and blogging full-time.

I wasn’t a writer.

I wasn’t a marketer.

I wasn’t special.

I was a regular guy in a decent job who could’ve collected checks until I was 65, but I chose better.

I stopped letting someone else control my destiny, telling me when I could take sick days or when I could go on vacation, and I chose for myself. All it took was the courage to start it.

If you’re ready to start something special, I can help. Together, we can build something you can be proud of. Something that can pay for the small things and the big things, perhaps even replace your job one day, but you need to start.

Try the absolutely 100% FREE Lifetime Income Blog Course.

When you’re done, you’ll have a blog up and running in less than it probably takes most people to drive to work. You will need zero technical expertise, just push a few buttons and you’ll be ready to go.

You need absolutely zero experience blogging to take full advantage of the course.

The course will cost you nothing and all you’ll pay for is for hosting, which is just a few dollars a month.

This is the lesson plan for the Lifetime Income Blog Course:

  1. How to Pick a Niche Subject for Your Blog – Learn how to brainstorm a topic, conduct keyword research to identify revenue opportunities, and research the potential competition.
  2. How to Start a Blog in 8 Minutes – We teach you how to find a domain, register it, get hosting, and install WordPress.
  3. Customizing WordPress – We discuss themes, paid frameworks, plugins, and Google analytics.
  4. Get Social! & Launching Your Blog – We discuss social media, how it should be used, and walk you through setting up Twitter and a Facebook Fan Page. I also share with you my dead simple launch strategy.

These are just the core modules, there are add-ons and bonuses that help you take what you build here and get it to the next level.

If you’re ready to take control of your destiny and take the first step, enter your email below::

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