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MBP #15: When She Makes More w. Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh TorabiFarnoosh Torabi is the primary breadwinner in her family. Her husband, Tim, is a software engineer but earns less than Farnoosh, which is an increasingly common dynamic.

When I first started talking to Farnoosh, I knew I wanted her on the show to talk about this scenario because it’s happening a lot with entrepreneurs. In some cases, the husband is starting a new venture and earns less because the business is new. In other cases, the wife may have a successful business and now outearns her husband (and sometimes hires him!).

These can be sensitive issues that must be deal with delicately and, having read much of her book, I feel Farnoosh was the perfect person to ask about it!

What will you learn in this episode:

  • How to communicate with your spouse the right way
  • How to share responsibilities in the home, which includes outsourcing
  • How mompreneurs can “hire” their spouses without creating havoc in their personal lives
  • How to empower your spouse to take on more responsibility
  • Scripts for dealing with “nosy judgmental” people who make comments about your relationship

Resources and links mentioned in this chat:

Here’s a short trailer for the book:

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