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MBP #31: Learn the Secrets of Million Mile Secrets with Daraius Dubash

Daraius-Dubash-million-mile-secrets-finalDaraius Dubash was working for a big Fortune 500 manufacturing company, traveling the world and accruing airline miles and hotel points, when he left to go to business school. After business school, he began working for another company but he missed all those miles and points for free travel and stays and decided to figure out how it all worked (he’s accumulated FOUR MILLION miles and points).

Million Mile Secrets is the embodiment of all that learning and it’s now a business he works on full time (and has been for several years).

The tagline? “Big travel with small money.” (love it!)

Million Mile Secrets is the second largest miles and points blog and has an Alexa ranking in the mid-5,000’s. In other words, of the largest sites in the United States, it’s among the largest. At it’s peak, I think Bargaineering was in the 6,000-7,000’s, to give you a frame of reference. The site is big, it’s popular, and it supports Daraius full time for the last two years. It’s an amazing story and one I’m happy to share with you today!

What will you learn in this episode:

  • Why he started Million Mile Secrets (and how he financed his first car with credit cards!)
  • How he differentiated MMS from other points and mile blogs
  • The two browser trick
  • What is a mileage run (why others do it and why he never does them)
  • Why he thinks MMS has been successful (very insightful)
  • How he utilizes his email list of 16,000 subscribers
  • We talk about the difficult times of the business
  • How he’s brought on staff (where he finds writers) and the process he uses to manage them
  • The double edged sword of being an entrepreneur
  • His best million mile secret
  • The most exotic place he’s been to

Resources and links mentioned in this chat:

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2 responses to “MBP #31: Learn the Secrets of Million Mile Secrets with Daraius Dubash”

  1. Wellington says:

    I am a huge fan of MMS and Daraius. The interview was pretty informative as far as how he got going with it. No offense, Jim, but I thought it was very bland and dry… I stopped a few times because I kept losing interest and had to keep going back if I missed something juicy. Hard to really say what it was but I just couldn’t keep myself checked in.

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