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Microblogger Podcast Guest List

microblogger-podcast-logoThis is the guest list for all of the Microblogger podcasts.

It’s with great sadness that I announce I’m putting the Microblogger podcast on hold in favor of a new project, a personal finance blog at I share my unconventional strategies and tactics for getting ahead in money and in life, please join me!

Want to know what the podcast is about? Full details here but the short version is that they are conversations with successful entrepreneurs where we seek to unlock actionable advice and useful anecdotes that you can use to build a business you can be proud of.

For years, I’d listened to podcasts as a way to hear other people’s stories, learn how they succeeded, and trying to take bits and pieces from those and integrate them into my own entrepreneurial pursuits — I want this podcast to be all about that.

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Show Index:

  1. JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly – How a writer built a blog that transformed his life
  2. Greg Go of Wise Bread – How collaboration supercharged Wise Bread to 2,000,000+ visitors a month
  3. Steve Chou of Bumblebee Linens – How a total novice launched a 6-figure online store
  4. J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy – How an Anonymous Mohawk Became a Recognizable Personal Finance Rockstar
  5. Jason Glaspey of Paleo Plan – How a paleo newbie built a meal plan membership site in three weeks that now has thousands and thousands of paying members
  6. Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom of Pinch of Yum – How they built a six-figure food blogging empire with beautiful photography in their spare time
  7. Paula Pant of Afford Anything – How does an ex-journalist turned blogger and freelance writer work to constantly improve her craft? Find out.
  8. Jason Leake of – How does a blog grow to 5 million pageviews a month and how do you monetize it?
  9. Josh Dorkin of Bigger Pockets – How do you build a real estate social network with over 160,000+ members? Lots of hard and smart work. Josh shares everything he did to build Bigger Pockets.
  10. Billy Murphy of Blue Fire Poker – How did a professional poker player become a poker educator and sell over a million dollars in memberships in a single year?
  11. Matt Jabs of DIY Natural – Learn how a personal finance blogger turned 9 off-topic posts into a uber-successful site.
  12. Erin Chase of $5 Dinner Mom – Learn how Erin Chase went from brand new blogger to cookbook author in three months, and oh by the way she sold 150,000+ copies of her three cookbooks.
  13. John Corcoran, Smart Business Revolution – How Relationships Helped Him into the White House (and Beyond)
  14. Toni Anderson, The Happy Housewife – How to Build a Rockstar Team to Run Your Blog
  15. Farnoosh Torabi, – When She Makes More
  16. Chris Guthrie, BoostWP – How he made $127,817.68 as an Amazon Associate (and that’s just the icing on the cake)
  17. Phil Taylor, FINCON – He started FINCON, a beloved personal finance blogger conference, with zero event planning experience… all because he wanted to get some internet friends together.
  18. Miranda Marquit, Planting Money Seeds – How to Build a Prolific Freelance Writing Career.
  19. Luke Landes, Consumerism Commentary – The Brilliant Strategy Used to Lift Consumerism Commentary to 7-Figures
  20. Todd Tresidder, Financial Mentor – How Todd Tresidder Used Great Content to Build a Successful Financial Coaching Business
  21. Lauren Greutman, – How Lauren Greutman Gets on TV All The Time
  22. Ashley Jacobs, Wise Bread – How to Throw a Successful #Trending Twitter Party
  23. Agatha Kulesza, Hey Agatha – Agatha Kulesza on Being All Powerful, Authentic, and Fearless
  24. Crystal Stemberger, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – How to Sell $1,190,560 in Ads: Ad Negotiation Strategies with Crystal Stemberger
  25. Forest Parks, Everyday Nomad – How an Everyday Nomad Travels the World Armed Only With a Laptop
  26. Michael Mindes, Tasty Minstrel Games – How to Raise $962,575+ on Kickstarter
  27. Taylor Flanery, Household Management 101 – How Taylor Flanery Got 125,000 Facebook Fan Page Likes in 2 Months Without Paying a Cent
  28. Bob Lotich, ChristianPF – How Bob Lotich Married His Faith & His Finances to 55,000+ Subscribers
  29. Chip Chinery, Chip’s Money Tips – How to persevere through adversity, learn how Chip went on 160+ auditions before he “broke through” (and then worked non-stop for four years).
  30. Jaden Hair, Steamy Kitchen – How Jaden Hair Built the Steamy Kitchen Empire (then scaled it back!)
  31. Daraius Dubash, Million Mile Secrets – Learn the Secrets of Million Mile Secrets with Daraius Dubash
  32. Jonathan Milligan, Blogging Your Passion – Jonathan Milligan on How to Launch, Promote & Grow Membership Sites from Scratch
  33. Tom Drake, Canadian Finance Blog – How He Built, Bought, and Partnered His Way to a 40+ Blog Network
  34. Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo – How a Professional Hobo Works and Travels the World since 2006
  35. Rob Berger, Dough Roller – Lessons Learned from 100+ Podcast Episodes
  36. Nelli Akalp, CorpNet – New Business Pitfalls You MUST Avoid

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