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One Post, One Goal

Credit: Laineema

Credit: Laineema

Last year at FINCON, I gave a well-received talk about how I split tested a page on Bargaineering.

It was the #1 money making page on the site and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

It was so successful for a variety of reasons but the number one reason it did well is an idea that is ingrained my brain forever.

One post, one goal.

When someone visited that page, I had one goal.

Get them to apply for a credit card.

Nothing else mattered. I didn’t want them to subscribe to the email list (I killed the popup), I didn’t want them to comment (I turned off comments), and I didn’t want them to go to another page on the side (I removed the sidebar).

All my testing was focused on one goal – Get. The. Click.

When I started, about 10% of visitors would click on the Apply button. When I was “done,” about 35% of visitors would click on the Apply button. All because I had one goal and I played with the page until I maximized the one goal.

The key was understanding that my blog post had one goal. Not two. Not three.

You can’t test against three goals or even two goals. It’s like trying to herd cats, one cat goes this way, another goes that way, and before you know it the group of loosely associated felines has scattered and you’ve wasted your time.

Have you ever written an email to ask three questions and the person replied with an answer to just the first one? It happens waaaay too much. ISN’T IT INFURIATING!?!?!?!

If so, then you know the perils of having more than one goal in an email. One email, one goal.

The first mistake people make is to try to do too much. You think you’re being efficient but you’re being inefficient. The key to winning is simplifying.

The second mistake people make is to not have a goal in the first place. Why does that post exist? What do you want out of it?

(if the answer is – because I always post on Mondays… well that’s a terrible reason)

What’s the point of this post?

Please tell me what you think. 🙂

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In 2005, I founded a personal finance blog ( that became successful enough that I quit my career as a software developer in the defense industry. It is my goal to share everything I learned so that you can do the same - build an online business that let's you pursue your passion.

2 responses to “One Post, One Goal”

  1. J. Money says:

    Dayuuuuum son. I like that. A lot. All of it.

  2. Loved the article and can see how having just one goal per post is a wonderful idea and actually knowing what it is before you write the article is a good idea too.
    So what is the goal of this post?

    BTW I looked at Bargaineering and it sure looks like a mature site and if you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars on it thats really cool. are you still making hundreds of thousands on it?

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