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How to Set a Vanity URL for a Facebook Group, Page, or User

Credit: melenita

Credit: melenita

Facebook is everywhere.

I’ve been working on a new project, one I hope to be able to share with you once it launches, and one of the recent decisions we’ve had to make involved Facebook.

The new project is a membership site and I had installed forum software (bbPress, because it plays well with WordPress) but found it to be a little clunky. I also found that people were using it but they weren’t using it as much as I’d like. (and users were complaining that it just wasn’t very user friendly… which is 90% my fault)

So we made the decision to start using a closed Facebook Group instead to increase engagement. The one thing that’s nice about Facebook is that everyone is using it. The not nice thing is that out of the box, telling someone the URL of a page you created is miserable.

Fortunately, there’s a way for you to create a vanity URL for the three pages most important to a user – their profile/timeline, a fan page, and a group.

Here’s how:

Claim a URL for your User page or Fan page

This is dead simple – click this link to access

Use this page to set your username for your profile page or Fan Pages if you are the administrator.

Be careful what you pick for your Facebook web address because you can only ever change it once after it’s been set.

Claim a URL for Your Facebook Group

Did you just create a Facebook group?

Not a fan of the URL?

(by default, it’s something ugly like

You can change it. (I don’t know why they don’t let you change it in the same form as Pages and Usernames but they don’t!)

To claim a vanity URL for a Facebook Group, go to your Facebook group and look for the wheel/gears icon near the top:

And click on Edit Group Settings.

On the Group Setting page, look for a Set Up Group Address button:

Click it and enter the vanity URL you want. Be careful what you pick because you won’t be able to change it after this pop-up. This will create a distribution list email (so you can email everyone at once) and a vanity URL.

There you have it, how to create a vanity URL for a Facebook group, profile, or fan page.

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